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National Firearm Carry Permit Recognition — Is it a Smoke Screen?

Foot In The Door

Legislation recently in the works would require all states to recognize other state’s concealed firearms permits and licenses. (With the notable exceptions of DC and Illinois) At first blush, one would think that persons holding concealed firearms permits, the NRA, USCCA and other firearms owner’s rights associations would be ecstatic — and some are. Those who look for unintended consequences, back doors and slippery slopes, however, see a potential for abuse and expansion of the law. Some believe that there may be a later effort to create federal licensing standards, or the creation of a national … Continue reading

More Gun Control Mom … Please!


An open letter from a Virginia resident, to DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago and other localities which deny their citizens and visitors their Constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense, thanking them for their tough gun-owner control laws. With such anti-rights localities for neighbors Virginia becomes far less attractive to the bad guys and a much safer place to live. Welcome to New York? Dear D.C., Maryland, Chicago, New Jersey and New York City: Thank you for your tough gun control laws, please keep up the good work! A short trip to the city has always been enjoyable … Continue reading

The Eggman’s Political Litmus Test

Litmus Test

Only Two simple questions that I believe every candidate for office should answer before any others.

These answers will help determine whether their candidacy deserves further serious consideration.

Once we have your commitment that you do not place yourself above the people you govern, we can move on to other issues such as immigration, education, security and the economy.

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The Crystal Tower at the Embassy of Iran

Embassy of Iran

With the best of intentions, and absolutely no consideration for any unexpected or unintended consequences, the United States, primarily the CIA, helped facilitate the Shah’s overthrow.
The result, of course, was the delightfully friendly, humane and moderate regemes of the Ayatollah Kohmeni and his successors.
“Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it.”
Children – Can We Say Muslim Brotherhood?

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Why I Won’t Fix Your Computer

Computer Crazy

I may gladly recommend an anti-virus or a free office suite. I’ll show you how to make Window’s 8 look like Windows 7, how to format a drive, burn a CD, deal with ZIP files and maybe even hook up your wireless.

The only way I will touch your computer, however, is to wipe it clean, reinstall and update your operating system and drivers, and I’ll hesitate to do that.
Don’t lie about things like “I didn’t do anything, it just suddenly started …,” and “No, I never download software.” We are all human, and screw up on occasion. This is complicated stuff, and it’s not instinctive nor intuitive, I do not judge, because I have probably been there.

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It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s A Very Real Fear

Internment Announcements

It was arguably the darkest, most shameful action taken by the U.S. Government in the 20th Century. I’m referring to the paranoid forced relocation of Japanese-Americans to prison camps during World War II.

Paranoia is a baseless fear. Today, however, there are nearly two million Muslims living among us and little doubt that their loyalties lie with their Nation of Islam, and not our Nation of Liberty.

We will never be free of this threat until our level of commitment to saving our country exceeds the fervor and dedication of the militant Islamic enemy.

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Lawyers – The Other “L” Word

The Other L Word

If you want to get angry at a sector of ‘The Evil Rich,’ then get angry at the greedy, predatory personal injury and class-action lawyers.

Token Insincere Disclaimer: Now don’t get me wrong, some of my friends are lawyers.

Like the Sharks to which they are often compared, a certain number are a necessary part of the food chain.

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Defense Free Victim Zones

No Weapons Allowed

Does your local shopping center, department store or other merchant require law abiding patrons to become potential victims before being allowed to shop? Do they not know that criminals don’t obey the law, much less their ineffective rules and silly signs? Don’t Be Disarmed and Defenseless Fight Back With This Handy (and Free) 8 1/2 x 11 Sign! Now you can perform a valuable public service for these merchants by helping them communicate their true message.     1) Distribute The Message Download and save this sign. ( It’s in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format and only 11K.) … Continue reading

The Dangers of Unearned Pride

No Pride

When a person overcomes physical handicaps, language barriers, race, gender bias and bigotry, and succeeds in spite of all [apparent] odds, they have every right and to feel and proclaim their pride in themselves and their accomplishments.

If I have benefited in any way from the circumstances of my birth I should be thankful, but certainly not proud.

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School Shootings, Mass Murder, Workplace Violence and Guns


I went to school in a different time, the late 1950’s and 1960’s. It was a rural area, and most people in the area had guns. I was also a nerd before there was such a thing as a nerd. If I was in school today, I would have probably been labeled ADD and drugged into complacency. I was a target for several school bullies from grades 1-10, including some teachers. Some of this started when I was 13 and publicly supported a Black friend (of my Mother) by attending a 1960 sit-in at the Woolworth’s … Continue reading

You Don’t Know Me — And I Have a Gun.


You don’t know me, or maybe you just don’t know that you do.
I am your neighbor, doctor, clergyman, nurse or just another nameless, faceless stranger in the crowd.
I have a state authorized, court issued permit to carry a concealed handgun.
I do so whenever possible.

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Parents of Special Needs Children Want Cops to Know …

First Responders

Persons with special needs and their care givers are twice as likely to have encounters with police and other first responders than the ‘average’ citizen.

Just recently, a child with Down’s syndrome was subdued by TASER in a situation that could have been easily defused by the parent or care-giver. In another incident police arrested a woman who was in diabetic shock, pulled her from her ‘parked’ car, threw her face-down on the pavement, handcuffed her and treated her like she was intoxicated.

With the above in mind, the special needs community would like for you to know a few things.

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Things Cops Know (and want the public to know)

Law Enforcement

The police [understandably] don’t want you to know many things, from interrogation techniques to their home addresses. The average LEO, however, does want the public to be more aware of some other bits of wisdom. Many are common sense, most should be obvious, a few are Officer Murphy’s Laws and a lot are hilarious!

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Things The Public Wants Cops to Know

Law Enforcement

If you have something that you want the Cops to know, leave a comment here and the better ones will migrate to the “Official” list.

Note: “You Suck” does not indicate the degree of thought and intellect I’d like to represent here, so if you have nothing constructive to say …

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Drug Testing for High Level Officials.


Why Shouldn’t High Level Public Servants Prove They are Drug Free? As a condition of employment, almost everyone, from the guys who pick up the trash and deliver the mail, to the folks who read meters and repair the highways must agree to random drug and Alcohol testing. A number of my jobs, and consulting contracts required a full drug screening and an agreement to random testing. Why don’t “We The People,” the employers of every person in government, require the same of those with whom we entrust our lives, liberties and our very existence as … Continue reading

Stop It With the Impeachment Talk Already!


Congress must bring criminal charges now, not later, against Holder, Lerner, Hillary and the Benghazi bunch, the VA (criminally negligent homicide) not to mention the other blatant violations of laws and oaths at all levels, and help the people that they are supposed to serve take back our country.
We can’t merely cut off the head of the Snake, we have to dismantle the machine from the bottom up.

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These are Not Your Father’s Video Games


The next time you see a malleable child with a game controller in his or her hand, fully absorbed in a game and seemingly oblivious to the world around them, please consider … This is the state of mind that governments endeavor to induce in future soldiers, snipers, assassins and spies when training them to kill without conscious thought or hesitation.

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ISLAM – “The Great Uniter”

Islamic Public Hanging

These wonderfully tolerant humanitarians won’t understand, respect or tolerate you, and they won’t make empty threats or negotiate. They’ll just exterminate you, your family and your neighborhood like they are doing today in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and now, the United States.

We are all the same in the eyes of Allah. We are all infidels and must die.

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Can’t Be Done Today #1

Pile of Airline Tickets

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a pack-rat. Not to the crazy obsessive point of having to step over bodies as I navigate a maze of old newspapers, but somewhere between there and frugal. After all, I might really need an 8” Floppy Drive or those old Ten-Net cards someday. “Someday,” I tell myself, I’ll put this on eBay. Yeah, right after I finish my books, remodel the basement, repaint the house and win the Lottery. In the interim I’ll share the occasional bit of flotsam and jetsam, with stories if appropriate. Five Cities and … Continue reading

Voter I.D., Minorities, Racism and Fraud

The Vote

Excuse me? How dare you assume that just because a person is poor or a minority that they are too lazy, slow, stupid, unmotivated or otherwise unable or unqualified to obtain free, state issued identification?

Why does the NAACP (et. al.) think that getting a free ID is a challenge beyond the abilities of the poor and minorities? Do they believe that minorities are, by nature, functionally challenged?

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Who Us Is, and Why We Are In Danger!


Imagine a sordid scene with a bubbling cauldron. Swimming in that boiling orgy of hate and animosity you see …

Republicans, Libertarians, Tea partiers, Occupy Wall Streeters, Christians, Jews, Women, illegal iImmigrants, Buddhists, the extreme Right, far Left, the unemployed, Wiccans, Scientologists, flat-Earthers, Bill Maher, The NRA, Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, ACLU, Native Americans, athiests and the entire LGBT community.

But here they are all working together, peacefully, in cooperation for a common cause. WTF?

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Grandma’s Paring Knife

Annie Wells Ingram

When I was a child I only remember a few things classified as ‘absolutely forbidden‘ to touch, get close to, or even vaguely think about. Aside from obviously dangerous stuff like the buttons and levers in the car, power tools, daddy’s guns and the furnace, there was a special category — grandma’s paring knife. Long after I was old enough to shoot a gun, use power tools or even start the truck by myself, Grandma’s paring knife remained off limits. I could use any knife in the drawer, even daddy’s hunting and fishing knives, but not … Continue reading

The Mergeless Moron


Who hasn’t secretly wished that little button on the dash was really connected to a couple of fifty-calibers behind the signal lights?
Regardless of whether they are pathological, or merely clueless, these Bozos contribute to traffic tie-ups at every merge point and are downright dangerous.

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These Are Not My Mother’s Democrats!


Help Them J.F.K. – They’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up!

“Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”

Hmmph, sounds like one o’ them damn right wingers ta me.

JFK inspired an entire generation of children, such as myself, to endeavor to be all that they can be, and to use their pride in being an American to reach for goals and dreams that others deemed impossible.

“Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”

A disturbing number of today’s ‘gimmie’ generation behave precisely the opposite.

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When Guns are Finally Banned


Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Do this until swords are outlawed. — Then die by the sword anyway. – Egg There are those who call for an outright ban on all firearms. Many still believe that the solution to the violent crime problem in this country is getting all guns out of private hands. Law abiding citizens with defensive firearms, however, are not a problem, they’re a solution. A Simple Question for those who would ban firearms. After you have disarmed all of the law abiding citizens, how do you plan to even … Continue reading

Chicken Juice Pricier Than Bottled Water

A Buck Ninety None -- or Not?

(Or when $1.99/lb = $2.33) Large, boneless Chicken breasts on sale for $1.99/lb — down from $2.39 sounds like both good deal, and a good time to stock up on Chicken, which I did. While separating the “Jumbo Pack” (3.88 lbs) I noticed something a bit ‘off’ in the packaging. The empty leftover plastic tray and wrap felt unusually heavy, and slightly over 3/4 pound of liquid had been soaked up by what looked like two little Pampers in the bottom of the tray. Or maybe they were more like sanitary napkins. In any case, these … Continue reading

There Are No Gun Rights!


When we replace gun rights with gun-owner rights the issue becomes personal.

Join the effort to end the futile battle for so-called, non-existent gun rights and gun laws.

Renew the charge in support of the very real and very important rights of The People who own defensive and recreational firearms.

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Ten Simple Steps toward Prosperity and Freedom

William of Ockham

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but — in the absence of certainty — the fewer assumptions made, the better.
Here are Ten Simple Steps toward a smaller, more accountable government.

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Judeo-Christian Principles vs Religion

Judeo Christian

Judeo-Christian Principles vs Religion – Does a person need God to be moral?
Whenever anyone re-states the obvious fact that the United States of America was founded upon Christian or Judeo-Christian principles, some Bozo (no offense to clowns) always plays the religion card.

Christian or Judeo-Christian principles are easily separated from faith or religion.

Here’s how to do it.

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Bored? Help Search the Earth

Aircraft Wreckage

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Photo Interpreter or an IMGINT (Imaging Intelligence) analyst, here’s a chance to get a taste.

Maybe it’s not as engaging as Candyland or reading up on Justin’s escapades, but if enough people are looking, who knows?

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Christians’ throats slit in pagan slaughterhouse


Among the contributing factors for the U.S. withdrawal (retreat) from Viet Nam were the brutal and disturbing newspaper and television images of mangled corpses, burned bodies and and other subjects that reflected the cruelty and human toll of that war. Today’s media, however, shrinking in fear that they might upset or offend someone, refuses to expose ‘polite society’ to the cruelty and inhumanity that surpasses even Nazi Germany, if not in scale, at least in brutality. Well I say that it’s high time for the media to step up, stop blurring out the blood, guts and … Continue reading

Need We Reinvent the Education Wheel?


Take a quick look at a few of the statistics, and even the teacher’s unions can’t spin or deny it.There is just no polite way to say it. Comparatively speaking, what we call education in America sucks.

Common Core is (among other things) an attempt to standardize the way people learn and think. That’s not a bad idea when you are building machines. We, however, are building the future of our nation, and our world, and need to adapt the system to the children, not the other way around.

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Why Bergdahl is a Non Issue

Bowe Bergdahl

Take the whole prisoner swap thing out of the equation for a minute.

Absent that one factor, what potential terrorist act would be so threatening, or what ‘evidence’ be so compromising to justify the release of the top five War Criminals at GITMO?

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Barbara Walters and Sen. Ed Brooke – The Story Behind the Photo

Barbara Walters and Ed Brooke

If I ever had a National Enquirer Moment, that was it, but alas I was young, and now that I look back at it, quite stupid!

In light of Barbara Walters’ tell-all book, confirming the rumor of her affair with Senator Ed Brooke, I felt comfortable publishing this photo for the first time here a few years ago, (Dec. 2012)

Hearing of her announced ‘retirement,’ I thought it fitting to resurrect it from the dust bin.

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Yes, We Do Have a Rat Your Neighbor Law.


During the cold war the Soviet people (subjects) were expected to watch their neighbors, strangers, and even family and friends. and required by law (the KGB) to report suspicious activity to the police. (also KGB)

We Have That Law Here — in America!

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So Who’s Stupid?


Whenever you find yourself in a time of low self-esteem, start thinking that you are fat, ugly or otherwise deformed, take a trip to Wal-Mart and look around.

I guarantee that you will immediately begin to feel better about yourself.

But what do you do when you begin to doubt your intellect?

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Think Twice Before You Throw Scripture at a Homosexual


Simply put, the letter points out a logical flaw in the “homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so” argument: if homosexuality is wrong because it goes against God’s law as outlined in the Bible, why aren’t any number of activities now viewed as innocuous but once regarded as unacceptable also offenses against God’s law?
How can one part of Leviticus be deemed as etched in stone when other parts have been discarded as archaic?

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The Folly of Ballistic Fingerprinting and Microstamping

The Folly of Ballistic Fingerprinting

A number of States require Ballistic Fingerprinting or Micro-stamping of all new firearms while others are exploring these options.
In theory, when a cartridge casing or bullet is found at a crime scene, this database would be used to locate the gun’s purchaser, and thereby, the perpetrator of the crime.
Like most unworkable ideas, this one sounds logical and practical on the surface, but is based on false assumptions, emotions and “wishful science”. (If it sounds right it must be right.)
In practice, for a number of reasons explained below, ballistic fingerprinting of cartridge casings does not, will not and cannot work.

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Strategic Web Design

Flow Charts and Site Maps

Plan Early – Plan Ahead – Plan Smart – Plan Strategically

Unless well integrated into your strategic plan, your Website will be little more than an expensive business card and could possibly harm your mission.

If you work through the questions and forms presented here before you think further about producing or updating your Website, I can guarantee that you will save time and money, possibly a significant amount of both.

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A Few Random Web Design Tips and Reminders


A disturbing number of individuals, small businesses, large corporations and governments are actively impeding business, stifling communication, irritating their customers and turning away prospects. They are doing this with the best of intentions, and often at considerable investment. They don’t know any better — but they have sucky Websites! Don’t be one of ‘them!’ As a broad rule, 70-80% of a Website’s design should be completed BEFORE you sit down at a computer. Usually only about 20-30% of the project is hands-on coding and layout, especially when the site is properly planned. A Few Assorted Design … Continue reading

Disturbing Video Has To Make Any Sane Person Say, “Get Out of Syria!”

Children about to be murdered

If you choose to not watch the video (below) because you might be disturbed by the content, then you are precisely the person who needs to watch it. Once you see the enemy in the face, (or hood) and witness the horror of something that should have been shown, unedited, on every news outlet, you will be motivated to do something. Together, we not only can, but we must. The “Nation” of Islam is using that nations only officially sanctioned faith, the radicalized Muslims, to wage not a holy war, but a political and ideological war … Continue reading

The Oaths of Office

Washington Taking Oath

The history of the Oath for Federal employees can be traced to the Constitution, where Article II includes the specific oath the President takes – to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Article VI requires an oath by all other government officials from all three branches, the military, and the States.
Here are the Oaths of Office for government employees, the President, Congress and more.

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Economic Death by a Thousand Terrorist Cuts


How should we deal with an organized effort to inflict these Million economic cuts, when all it takes to inflict one is a circuit board and battery taped to an empty Propane can, or even a simple paper bag left in an ‘inappropriate’ place?
One plane crash doesn’t change the fact that flying is statistically the safest way to travel.
Likewise, One crazy person, killing Twenty Six people in a school doesn’t change the fact that our primary and secondary schools remain statistically, the safest place for your child to be.

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Writing for The Web and Social Media: Part 1 – The Prime Directive

The Quill Pen

Flawless grammar and perfect punctuation are rarely seen or expected in today’s environment of Instant Messaging, Tweeting, Texting, Blogging, Facebooking and other social media. Credibility is everything, and credibility suffers when ideas are presented in a less than credible manner.

Have you ever been reading a blog post and right up front the writer screwed up a word?

The writer’s point might be strong, and their logic impeccable, but if the Silver lining is wrapped in a dark cloud, many people will never see it.

What I hope to do here is kick-start your thinking — not about your message, but about the way you present it, starting with the “Prime Directive.”

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Web Writing Part 3: Cut the extra words, less really is more.

New Challenges

Where writing for eMedia is concerned, less really is more Documents destined for computer screens follow a slightly different set of rules than those written for print. The traditional 10-20 words per sentence is out the window. According to Jacob Nielsen, you should cut ‘traditional’ text by at least 50% when writing for the screen. Cutting overall length by half makes your writing easier to scan. Commas don’t cost extra, and periods are encouraged. Short sentences, of seven to ten words, are ideal. Your readers will thank you for taking pains to do the absolute least … Continue reading

Web Writing Part 4: Odds, Ends and Pet Peeves

Brain Fire

In any communication, be it graphic, written or verbal, do it as if … “You’re Sending a Telegram to a Moron at a Thousand Dollars a Word!”

Just because others abuse the language doesn’t give you permission

While on the subject of the widely misused and abused words, I’d like to point out a few of my pet peeves.

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I Am Joe’s Gun!


NOTE: The Eggman had to write this for me because, as I say later, I have no brain, no muscles and no ability to reason or think. I’m neither good nor evil — Like most other tools, I’m a simple inanimate object.

I’m as much a part of Joe’s daily outfit as shoes or socks. In fact, Joe goes without his socks more often than he goes without me.

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Is a Flat or Fair Tax Possible, or Even Realistic?


In this writer’s opinion, some form of ‘flat’ tax system is not only common sense, but efficient, workable and fair. If you make Ten times the money, you pay ten times the tax, period.

Add to this a National Sales/Consumption tax, and a mechanism by which the poorest American’s would pay neither, and 20,000 pages of confusing tax code can be whittled down to a Hundred or so easy to understand pages.

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Slaughtered Children

US-backed Free Syrian Army rebels are currently attacking and burning Christian churches, shooting Christians in the street, broadcasting ultimatums that all non-Muslims must be cleansed from the rebel-held villages, and actively killing priests.

This is who our current administration has backed to overthrow Assad.

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The Little Dead Schoolhouse


What breaks my heart is when children graduate with diplomas in political correctness but can’t read them without help.

For the past Five Years I made a point to spend some time with a group of what I consider “average” teenagers at a local high school. These are middle class students, in what is supposed to be one of the better schools in the area. I am appalled by their lack of knowledge of things they will need when they hit the real world.

Here is what I found in my little unscientific survey of 100 (50 Boys & 50 Girls) randomly chosen students, in grades 10-12.

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No More Islamic Appeasement

Stick Figure Diety

Death sentences and bounties have been, and are still being placed on the heads of people who produce films, draw cartoons or commit other acts that either depict, defame or are critical of their prophet, Muhammad. Even this article could invite retribution.

How can the same government sanctioned radicals who drag beheaded bodies through public streets and sentence people to death for failing to renounce their non-Islamic faith, condemn others for intolerance?

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The Bill of Non Rights


We, the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid any more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt-ridden, delusional and other liberal, commie, pinko bedwetters.

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Why We’ll Never Win the Drug War


Scenario: No More Drug Problem.

For the sake of this hypothetical commentary, let’s assume that somehow, the problem with illegal drugs mostly goes away.

Whether this is through enforcement, social change, legalization or some yet to be discovered process is not relevant for this commentary.

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Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking


According to The Book of Lists, fear of public speaking ranks number one in the minds of a majority of people. Far above the fear of death and disease, comes fear of standing in front of a crowd.

We all want to be movie stars, but are terrified of the spotlight.

Here are a few anecdotes and tips to help your turn in the barrel as productive as possible.

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Suggested Letter to Anti-Gunowner Establishments


I have written several successful letters using the following as a core template. A number of the of the stores and businesses I sent them to have removed their signs. Please feel free to copy and modify it as needed to fit your specific situation.
(This version is specific to Virginia)

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Percy L. Crosby – Freedom Fighter


Percy Crosby was clearly not popular with the White power establishment of the Twenties and Thirties. His characters and cartoons, however, were wildly popular with the American people.

Crosby’s outspoken, politically incorrect but accurate and insightful satire and personal activism eventually led to his being labeled by the government and big business as a dangerous person.

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The More Things Change — One Man Rule

Percy Crosby spoke for the citizen, and spoke loudly.

From the 1920’s — or was it last week? Percy L. Crosby’s political commentary was understandably irritating to the powers that be. As with much of Crosby’s work, it’s as relevant today as it was over eighty years ago. Learn more about Percy Crosby, his life and times, his false imprisonment, and his family’s struggle to regain the stolen Skippy® legacy and name. Visit the “Original” Skippy®, Incorporated Website. … Continue reading

History Always Repeats – Unless we Learn!

Always in touch with the plight of the victims, Percy Crosby eventually became a victim of the same system he was fighting to expose.

From the 1920’s — or was it last week? Percy L. Crosby’s social commentary was understandably irritating to the powers that be. Here is yet another example of the empathy that Percy L. Crosby felt for the poor and downtrodden. As with much of Crosby’s work, it’s as relevant today as it was over eighty years ago. You can learn more about Percy Crosby, his life and times, his false imprisonment, and his family’s struggle to regain the stolen Skippy® legacy and name. Visit the “Original” Skippy®, Incorporated Website for the full story. … Continue reading

School Shootings – Stop the Panic


With all respect to victims and families (also victims) of violence everywhere …
During the furor over recent events and the resulting demands for serious action, arming teachers, police in schools and gun confiscation, there is one simple fact that has been overlooked.

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A PSA to The Mainstream Media

Save the First Amendment

ATTENTION MAINSTREAM MEDIA The following Public Service Announcement is from your fellow Americans and the Second Amendment. STOP – LOOK – LISTEN America is at a Crossing Don’t Get Hit by the Train   STOP: Stop the war against law abiding American gun owners for a while, and let the smoke clear. You may be surprised to discover that the bulk of it is your own. LOOK: Now that the smoke has cleared a bit, take a serious, studied and informed look at the number of infringements that have been made upon a right that “shall … Continue reading

Why Can’t We Eliminate Corporate Political Donations?


Capitalism is not the problem, but crony capitalism is. If we can agree that excessive corporate and special interest influence in government is bad, then let’s use the power of We, The People to stop it!

How can a party and/or politician who will expend anywhere from Tens of Millions to almost One Billion Dollars possibly not be influenced by large corporate contributions and special interest lobbyists?

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Do we Need a Federal Department of Education?


“If No Child is Left Behind, How can Any Child Get Ahead?” When was the last time someone from the Fed was directly involved your child’s education? When was the last time you saw a Fed at a schoolhouse, unless it was during a drug raid? Who signs your child’s teacher’s paycheck, the Feds or the locals? A Solution? Take most everything I said about the Federal Highway Administration and apply it to the U.S. Department of Education. Replace the U.S. Department of Education with a committee formed by the State Boards of Education. Everyone involved … Continue reading

Do we Need a Federal Highway Administration


Private Enterprise built the Transcontinental Railroad without the benefit of a “Federal Railroad Administration.” When was the last time you saw a Federal work crew performing any work on a US or Interstate highway? The answer is most likely never. Highway work, even on Federal highways (with the exception of some military bases) is performed by State agencies and private contractors hired and paid for by those agencies, with State funds. Of course they do get reimbursed (in part) by from monies allocated by congress, to the Federal Highway Administration and Department of Transportation. Where does … Continue reading

My Take on the Second Amendment


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Background At it’s simplest, the Constitution of the United States (COTUS) sets forth the rules under which our country, as a nation of sovereign states operate. The founders, weary of war and just a bit (a lot) scared of tyranny wanted to ensure that their new country wouldn’t fall into the same practices from which they had just escaped. The COTUS and accompanying documents therefore, limits the powers of … Continue reading

Key Steps to an Effective Presentation


You will dramatically improve the quality of your presentation if you keep these suggestions in mind throughout design and development. Production and delivery will go more smoothly, the budget will not be broken, and your nerves can take a well deserved rest.

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Why You are Probably an Ipticrat

Bell Curve

Only politically vested, zealots, crazies, sheep and talk show pundits tow a strict, hard, main-line political party line on all of today’s issues. Perhaps, long ago, daily life was so uncomplicated that a ‘binary’ system, in which the majority of the population could be divided into two, clear-cut, right and left categories was adequate.

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Shouldn’t an Oath Mean Something?

Washington Taking Oath

Proposed Change to the Oath of Office I’ll leave the oaths of office for Civilian Employees and the Military alone for the moment, they seem quite adequate. I do, however, have a minor change to suggest for the President, Congress, Judges and high-level appointees. Since one of today’s “hot button” issues is the use of the word “God” in anything even vaguely government related, I have some replacement wording. Obviously, swearing to “God” means little or nothing to most politicians, so perhaps some words with teeth might work. “I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that … Continue reading

Psipothetical Question: Where Would Americans Go?


Conceptual Psipotheticals to Get You Thinking #1 – Who are America’s real friends? Implausible Situation “What if the economic, military, political social and environmental crises all crash down at once and the result was a mass exodus from the United States. Those leaving the US would have essentially the same restrictions as those fleeing Europe in WWII,  mainly the clothes on their backs. Food For Thought Question: How many countries do you believe would willingly open their arms to the new American Refugees. How many would take us in and treat us as we treat their … Continue reading

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

Behind Bars

The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S. By James Slack The Mail: Online Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed. Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries. The figures comes on the day new Home Secretary Alan Johnson makes his first major speech on crime, promising to be tough on loutish … Continue reading

What if – Incandescent Light Bulbs were Invented today?


A lone inventor, Alva T. Edistone demonstrated a new, elegantly simple, extremely bright light bulb based on electrical resistance.

While not as energy efficient as the standard CFL bulb, giving off more heat and having a shorter lifespan, these inexpensive new lamps are manufactured with little or no heavy metals or other noxious materials.

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There Is No Homeland Security!


Preparedness is your insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it, but it could save your life if you do. The U.S. is Ripe with Soft Targets While the steps being taken to secure our power grid against cyber-attack are important, these steps only protect one of many attack vectors. Hundreds of miles of critical power transmission lines run through remote, rural areas. A reasonably well-practiced shooter with a scope and .223 or greater caliber rifle can take these out with little effort, and even less risk. A coordinated ‘low tech’ attack by as … Continue reading

HTML Color Codes – Demystified


NOTE:The original Web Safe color concept was intended for those with 16 bit displays, limited to only 256 colors.

While there are still a few users out there in that category they represent fewer than 2% of the total clients. (Mostly non-U.S. schools from which most companies do not or should not solicit nor encourage traffic.) Today, almost any color (matters of taste aside) will display properly.
For 100% certainty, however, Websafe colors always work.

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A Brief Explanation of Hexadecimal Numbers


style = “font-color:#FF33CC“> SAY WHAT? When you are working with computers, and especially the Internet and the Web, you will eventually run into things like the above – – – Hexadecimal (HEX) Numbers. In HTML and other programming/scripting languages these represent a color to displayed on-screen. If you are making a motorcycle classifieds website or any kind of website for that matter and you want a certain color text on the page, you will need to use the appropriate color code or HEX code to make that happen. The following will not pretend to make you … Continue reading