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“If You Can’t Be Free, At Least Be Irritating!”

School Shootings, Mass Murder, Workplace Violence and Guns


I went to school in a different time, the late 1950’s and 1960’s. It was a rural area, and most people in the area had guns. I was also a nerd before there was such a thing as a nerd. If I was in school today, I would have probably been labeled ADD and drugged into complacency. I was a target for several school bullies from grades 1-10, including some teachers. Some of this started when I was 13 and publicly supported a Black friend (of my Mother) by attending a 1960 sit-in at the Woolworth’s … Continue reading

You Don’t Know Me — And I Have a Gun.


You don’t know me, or maybe you just don’t know that you do.
I am your neighbor, doctor, clergyman, nurse or just another nameless, faceless stranger in the crowd.
I have a state authorized, court issued permit to carry a concealed handgun.
I do so whenever possible.

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T.S. Eggleston
Sharia LawSharia Law 5

Parents of Special Needs Children Want Cops to Know …

First Responders

Persons with special needs and their care givers are twice as likely to have encounters with police and other first responders than the ‘average’ citizen.

Just recently, a child with Down’s syndrome was subdued by TASER in a situation that could have been easily defused by the parent or care-giver. In another incident police arrested a woman who was in diabetic shock, pulled her from her ‘parked’ car, threw her face-down on the pavement, handcuffed her and treated her like she was intoxicated.

With the above in mind, the special needs community would like for you to know a few things.

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Things Cops Know (and want the public to know)

Law Enforcement

The police [understandably] don’t want you to know many things, from interrogation techniques to their home addresses. The average LEO, however, does want the public to be more aware of some other bits of wisdom. Many are common sense, most should be obvious, a few are Officer Murphy’s Laws and a lot are hilarious!

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Things The Public Wants Cops to Know

Law Enforcement

If you have something that you want the Cops to know, leave a comment here and the better ones will migrate to the “Official” list.

Note: “You Suck” does not indicate the degree of thought and intellect I’d like to represent here, so if you have nothing constructive to say …

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Stop It With the Impeachment Talk Already!


Congress must bring criminal charges now, not later, against Holder, Lerner, Hillary and the Benghazi bunch, the VA (criminally negligent homicide) not to mention the other blatant violations of laws and oaths at all levels, and help the people that they are supposed to serve take back our country.
We can’t merely cut off the head of the Snake, we have to dismantle the machine from the bottom up.

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The Dangers of Unearned Pride

No Pride

Please bear with me a bit before dismissing what I say as treasonous or disloyal to any number of causes, and please don’t reduce yourself to name-calling.
I am a White, straight, Southern-born, Male American, and I don’t feel any special pride. Good fortune, perhaps, but certainly not pride.

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These are Not Your Father’s Video Games


The next time you see a malleable child with a game controller in his or her hand, fully absorbed in a game and seemingly oblivious to the world around them, please consider … This is the state of mind that governments endeavor to induce in future soldiers, snipers, assassins and spies when training them to kill without conscious thought or hesitation.

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ISLAM – “The Great Uniter”

Islamic Public Hanging

These wonderfully tolerant humanitarians won’t understand, respect or tolerate you, and they won’t make empty threats or negotiate. They’ll just exterminate you, your family and your neighborhood like they are doing today in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and now, the United States.

We are all the same in the eyes of Allah. We are all infidels and must die.

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Can’t Be Done Today #1

Pile of Airline Tickets

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a pack-rat. Not to the crazy obsessive point of having to step over bodies as I navigate a maze of old newspapers, but somewhere between there and frugal. After all, I might really need an 8” Floppy Drive or those old Ten-Net cards someday. “Someday,” I tell myself, I’ll put this on eBay. Yeah, right after I finish my books, remodel the basement, repaint the house and win the Lottery. In the interim I’ll share the occasional bit of flotsam and jetsam, with stories if appropriate. Five Cities and … Continue reading

Voter I.D., Minorities, Racism and Fraud

The Vote

Excuse me? How dare you assume that just because a person is poor or a minority that they are too lazy, slow, stupid, unmotivated or otherwise unable or unqualified to obtain free, state issued identification?

Why does the NAACP (et. al.) think that getting a free ID is a challenge beyond the abilities of the poor and minorities? Do they believe that minorities are, by nature, functionally challenged?

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Who Us Is, and Why We Are In Danger!


Imagine a sordid scene with a bubbling cauldron. Swimming in that boiling orgy of hate and animosity you see …

Republicans, Libertarians, Tea partiers, Occupy Wall Streeters, Christians, Jews, Women, illegal iImmigrants, Buddhists, the extreme Right, far Left, the unemployed, Wiccans, Scientologists, flat-Earthers, Bill Maher, The NRA, Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, ACLU, Native Americans, athiests and the entire LGBT community.

But here they are all working together, peacefully, in cooperation for a common cause. WTF?

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Grandma’s Paring Knife

Annie Wells Ingram

When I was a child I only remember a few things classified as ‘absolutely forbidden‘ to touch, get close to, or even vaguely think about. Aside from obviously dangerous stuff like the buttons and levers in the car, power tools, daddy’s guns and the furnace, there was a special category — grandma’s paring knife. Long after I was old enough to shoot a gun, use power tools or even start the truck by myself, Grandma’s paring knife remained off limits. I could use any knife in the drawer, even daddy’s hunting and fishing knives, but not … Continue reading

The Mergeless Moron


Who hasn’t secretly wished that little button on the dash was really connected to a couple of fifty-calibers behind the signal lights?
Regardless of whether they are pathological, or merely clueless, these Bozos contribute to traffic tie-ups at every merge point and are downright dangerous.

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These Are Not My Mother’s Democrats!


Help Them J.F.K. – They’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up!

“Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”

Hmmph, sounds like one o’ them damn right wingers ta me.

JFK inspired an entire generation of children, such as myself, to endeavor to be all that they can be, and to use their pride in being an American to reach for goals and dreams that others deemed impossible.

“Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”

A disturbing number of today’s ‘gimmie’ generation behave precisely the opposite.

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When Guns are Finally Banned


Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Do this until swords are outlawed. — Then die by the sword anyway. – Egg There are those who call for an outright ban on all firearms. Many still believe that the solution to the violent crime problem in this country is getting all guns out of private hands. Law abiding citizens with defensive firearms, however, are not a problem, they’re a solution. A Simple Question for those who would ban firearms. After you have disarmed all of the law abiding citizens, how do you plan to even … Continue reading

Chicken Juice Pricier Than Bottled Water

A Buck Ninety None -- or Not?

(Or when $1.99/lb = $2.33) Large, boneless Chicken breasts on sale for $1.99/lb — down from $2.39 sounds like both good deal, and a good time to stock up on Chicken, which I did. While separating the “Jumbo Pack” (3.88 lbs) I noticed something a bit ‘off’ in the packaging. The empty leftover plastic tray and wrap felt unusually heavy, and slightly over 3/4 pound of liquid had been soaked up by what looked like two little Pampers in the bottom of the tray. Or maybe they were more like sanitary napkins. In any case, these … Continue reading

More Gun Control Mom … Please!


An open letter from a Virginia resident, to DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago and other localities which deny their citizens and visitors their Constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense, thanking them for their tough gun-owner control laws. With such anti-rights localities for neighbors Virginia becomes far less attractive to the bad guys and a much safer place to live. Welcome to New York? Dear D.C., Maryland, Chicago, New Jersey and New York City: Thank you for your tough gun control laws, please keep up the good work! A short trip to the city has always been enjoyable … Continue reading

There Are No Gun Rights!


When we replace gun rights with gun-owner rights the issue becomes personal.

Join the effort to end the futile battle for so-called, non-existent gun rights and gun laws.

Renew the charge in support of the very real and very important rights of The People who own defensive and recreational firearms.

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Ten Simple Steps toward Prosperity and Freedom

William of Ockham

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove correct, but — in the absence of certainty — the fewer assumptions made, the better.
Here are Ten Simple Steps toward a smaller, more accountable government.

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Drug Testing for High Level Officials.


Why Shouldn’t High Level Public Servants Prove They are Drug Free? As a condition of employment, almost everyone, from the guys who pick up the trash and deliver the mail, to the folks who read meters and repair the highways must agree to random drug and Alcohol testing. A number of my jobs, and consulting contracts required a full drug screening and an agreement to random testing. Why don’t “We The People,” the employers of every person in government, require the same of those with whom we entrust our lives, liberties and our very existence as … Continue reading

Judeo-Christian Principles vs Religion

Judeo Christian

Judeo-Christian Principles vs Religion – Does a person need God to be moral?
Whenever anyone re-states the obvious fact that the United States of America was founded upon Christian or Judeo-Christian principles, some Bozo (no offense to clowns) always plays the religion card.

Christian or Judeo-Christian principles are easily separated from faith or religion.

Here’s how to do it.

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