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A Brief Explanation of Hexadecimal Numbers


style = “font-color:#FF33CC“> SAY WHAT? When you are working with computers, and especially the Internet and the Web, you will eventually run into things like the above – – – Hexadecimal (HEX) Numbers. In HTML and other programming/scripting languages these represent a color to displayed on-screen. If you are making a motorcycle classifieds website or any kind of website for that matter and you want a certain color text on the page, … Continue reading

A De-evolution of Leadership


Leaders lead, tyrants rule and servants serve. When did we lose sight of the distinction?

It starts when they do things for your own good — and ends when you are no longer relevant.

It’s not the Democrats and it’s not the Republicans. It’s what our government has become as a whole.

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A Few Random Web Design Tips and Reminders


A disturbing number of individuals, small businesses, large corporations and governments are actively impeding business, stifling communication, irritating their customers and turning away prospects. They are doing this with the best of intentions, and often at considerable investment. They don’t know any better — but they have sucky Websites! Don’t be one of ‘them!’ As a broad rule, 70-80% of a Website’s design should be completed BEFORE you sit down at a … Continue reading

A PSA to The Mainstream Media

Save the First Amendment

ATTENTION MAINSTREAM MEDIA The following Public Service Announcement is from your fellow Americans and the Second Amendment. STOP – LOOK – LISTEN America is at a Crossing Don’t Get Hit by the Train   STOP: Stop the war against law abiding American gun owners for a while, and let the smoke clear. You may be surprised to discover that the bulk of it is your own. LOOK: Now that the smoke has … Continue reading

Barbara Walters and Sen. Ed Brooke – The Story Behind the Photo

Barbara Walters and Ed Brooke

If I ever had a National Enquirer Moment, that was it, but alas I was young, and now that I look back at it, quite stupid!

In light of Barbara Walters’ tell-all book, confirming the rumor of her affair with Senator Ed Brooke, I felt comfortable publishing this photo for the first time here a few years ago, (Dec. 2012)

Hearing of her announced ‘retirement,’ I thought it fitting to resurrect it from the dust bin.

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Bored? Help Search the Earth

Aircraft Wreckage

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a Photo Interpreter or an IMGINT (Imaging Intelligence) analyst, here’s a chance to get a taste.

Maybe it’s not as engaging as Candyland or reading up on Justin’s escapades, but if enough people are looking, who knows?

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Christians’ throats slit in pagan slaughterhouse


Among the contributing factors for the U.S. withdrawal (retreat) from Viet Nam were the brutal and disturbing newspaper and television images of mangled corpses, burned bodies and and other subjects that reflected the cruelty and human toll of that war. Today’s media, however, shrinking in fear that they might upset or offend someone, refuses to expose ‘polite society’ to the cruelty and inhumanity that surpasses even Nazi Germany, if not in scale, … Continue reading

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking


According to The Book of Lists, fear of public speaking ranks number one in the minds of a majority of people. Far above the fear of death and disease, comes fear of standing in front of a crowd.

We all want to be movie stars, but are terrified of the spotlight.

Here are a few anecdotes and tips to help your turn in the barrel as productive as possible.

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Defense Free Victim Zones

No Weapons Allowed

Does your local shopping center, department store or other merchant require law abiding patrons to become potential victims before being allowed to shop? Do they not know that criminals don’t obey the law, much less their ineffective rules and silly signs? Don’t Be Disarmed and Defenseless Fight Back With This Handy (and Free) 8 1/2 x 11 Sign! Now you can perform a valuable public service for these merchants by helping them … Continue reading

Disturbing Video Has To Make Any Sane Person Say, “Get Out of Syria!”

Children about to be murdered

If you choose to not watch the video (below) because you might be disturbed by the content, then you are precisely the person who needs to watch it. Once you see the enemy in the face, (or hood) and witness the horror of something that should have been shown, unedited, on every news outlet, you will be motivated to do something. Together, we not only can, but we must. The “Nation” of … Continue reading

Do we Need a Federal Department of Education?


“If No Child is Left Behind, How can Any Child Get Ahead?” When was the last time someone from the Fed was directly involved your child’s education? When was the last time you saw a Fed at a schoolhouse, unless it was during a drug raid? Who signs your child’s teacher’s paycheck, the Feds or the locals? A Solution? Take most everything I said about the Federal Highway Administration and apply it … Continue reading

Do we Need a Federal Highway Administration


Private Enterprise built the Transcontinental Railroad without the benefit of a “Federal Railroad Administration.” When was the last time you saw a Federal work crew performing any work on a US or Interstate highway? The answer is most likely never. Highway work, even on Federal highways (with the exception of some military bases) is performed by State agencies and private contractors hired and paid for by those agencies, with State funds. Of … Continue reading

Drug Testing for High Level Officials.


Why Shouldn’t High Level Public Servants Prove They are Drug Free? As a condition of employment, almost everyone, from the guys who pick up the trash and deliver the mail, to the folks who read meters and repair the highways must agree to random drug and Alcohol testing. A number of my jobs, and consulting contracts required a full drug screening and an agreement to random testing. Why don’t “We The People,” … Continue reading

Economic Death by a Thousand Terrorist Cuts


How should we deal with an organized effort to inflict these Million economic cuts, when all it takes to inflict one is a circuit board and battery taped to an empty Propane can, or even a simple paper bag left in an ‘inappropriate’ place?
One plane crash doesn’t change the fact that flying is statistically the safest way to travel.
Likewise, One crazy person, killing Twenty Six people in a school doesn’t change the fact that our primary and secondary schools remain statistically, the safest place for your child to be.

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