Stupid Stuff of the Week

WTF?This week was a bit overwhelming from the Stupid Stuff standpoint, and not merely the stupid stuff people did, but some really stupid stuff they want to do.

Note: This quick recap is absolutely no reflection upon the total amount of Stupid Stuff for the period. Trying to do so would be similar to attempting to put the Pacific Ocean into a bathtub.

Like the Universe and Cockroaches, Stupid Stuff is Infinite.

egg_alcove_stupidAs usual, selecting a few from the infinite is difficult, but here is some Stupid Stuff striking my fancy of late.


Grab a back seat Benghazi — here comes a serious conspiracy!

Among the numerous bright shiny objects distracting the masses from reality and the serious business of state, the Beyoncè “Lipgate” obsession takes the Golden Egg Award in the Stupid Distractions category.

I’ll give it just a bit more analysis and attention than it deserves, which is none.

  • Beyoncè’s performance was one of the most visible of her career, and certainly an honor given to very few.
  • She had a choice, raw courage, or near complete safety.
  • She opted for safety, and in hindsight, I not only say no harm no foul, but that she’d have been nuts to do otherwise. It’s not as if she had someone else do the vocals for her.
  • If you think that a professional performer lip-syncing her own voice, (common practice in every music video and many televised performances.) is fodder for the feeble-minded, how badly would she have been eviscerated had her voice cracked, or her pitch been affected by the stress and bitter cold?

And most of all, WTF Cares?


Post-mission Analysis 101 — Benghazi

The “Why Can’t You See How Stupid” Trophy goes to Hillary and her Benghazi temper tantrum. She basically asked, what, at this point in time, does it matter who killed our people, or why?.

She adds a “Special Kind of Stupid” ribbon, however, for following that up by stating the obvious, that we need to focus on preventing it from happening again. Well, Duh! ‘

And just when I was starting to have some respect for her as Secretary of State. I guess that earns me a Naive but Still Stupid button.

I’ll grant you that my ‘old-style’ analytical training may be a bit dated, but back in my days at The Farm, the first and most important factors in causative analysis were; who was involved, and why they did it.

If you can’t at least honestly acknowledge what went wrong and who, if anyone, should have acted or reacted differently the last time things went wrong, you’ll continue screwing up (i.e. killing people) until you do.


(Barely) More Interesting than Law and Order Reruns

These twinkling little distractions captivated the attention of the marginally in touch set.

A football player’s fictitious girlfriend. Possibly tragic, possibly a stunt.

  • Did he make it up?
  • Was he in on it?
  • Who?
  • Why?
  • and lastly … WTF Cares!

Lance Armstrong, Oprah and even more Lance Armstrong.

Yet another so-called hero, fallen from grace and without remorse.

His fall, taking many others with him, will out-shadow any good done by the good people who make up his foundation.

He’s a thug, bully, liar and a disappointment to the faithful. One headline, and one background story should be the end of it.

Blowing on these sparks until they blaze into full-blown Stupid Stuff does nothing but distract from Important stuff.

Just Plain Stupid (and perhaps, a bit tragic)

A Sounds Good but Still Stupid medallion is on the way to regulators whose response to well-intended demands by parents, will be a requirement for seat belts in school buses. At first blush, this sounds like an excellent idea, and a question I have also asked.

The primary problem is that in addition to private research, the government’s own studies clearly demonstrate that more injuries occur on buses equipped with seat belts than without them. In spite of the research, however, the ‘sounds good’ regulation will cost many Millions that should be better spent on real education, and possibly the lives of some children.

A Naive but Still Stupid cup (aka the Charlie Brown Football Trophy) is shared among a lot liberals for their apparent surprise and astonishment when they saw their taxes go up, in spite of the President’s plain-talk promise that they wouldn’t.

A Stupid Bravado sash to those few radical gun owners who vow to stand and fight the government when the military comes to get their guns.

Well folks, assuming that this most unlikely event did occur … have you ever seen an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) up close? How about being in a confined area filled with Tear Gas? Did you also know that a Fifty Caliber treats a Four-Inch brick wall not too differently than your guns would treat a thatched hut?

You may have 200 guns, but you also only have two hands.

Somehow, I believe that an APC and a couple of .50 Caliber crew-served machine guns would trump pretty much anything in my meager arsenal, 30 round magazines or not.

Besides, if they ever came for mine they would discover that they were all either lost or stolen. <wink wink>

And yes, I know you have 87 guns. Four guns and 10,000+ rounds of assorted ammo, however, trumps hundreds of empty guns, so please don’t come running to me expecting to barter for my ammunition.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that the wise choice is to be around long enough to take the country back, not sacrifice myself at the altar of bravado.

Dead people are not able to exact revenge. (aka Get Justice) So please, shut up about the whole cold dead hands thing.


Beyond Stupid into the Super Stupid, Insane and Dangerous.

The “Stupid Has No Limits” Medal is awarded to the City of San Francisco, for proposing that no Alcohol be served at bars during the Super Bowl as a solution to post-game violence.

A Special Mention goes to the lamestream media (among our most frequent winners) for paying more attention to the President’s swatting of a fly than to what he was saying.

That, however, was merely Ordinary Stupid.

A Special Kind of Stupid ribbon belongs to (I kid you not) animal rights activists who protested the President’s prior successful murder of a tiny little mother of Millons.

I give the Dangerously Stupid Award to another frequent winer, the US Government, for continuing to arm Egypt with Tanks and F-16s.

Unfortunately, this Dangerous Stupidity won’t be seen until the arms are turned against The US, our friends, and/or Egypt’s own people.. (i.e. Fast and Furious)

The American Taxpayers, in the guise of government also get a Dangerously Stupid Award. for funding a Green Energy Battery company, destined to fail from its inception. We add the “Stupid Squared” endorsement for actually considering allowing the Chinese to pick up the advanced technology and crucial patents stemming from taxpayer funded work for a song, at the bankruptcy sale.


Hypocritically Stupid

Dianne Feinstein who wants to ban semiautomatic carbines, but exempt “Government Officials.” she did not define.”Government Officials.” She would also exempt her own armed bodyguards.

Claims by the government that semi-automatic carbines have no place as personal defensive weapons, and at the same time purchasing Seven Thousand (7,000) of them for the Department of Homeland Security. The reason they say they are buying them … “because they are ideal personal defense weapons.”


Indescribably Stupid

And finally a few from the daily grab bag of randomly selected stupid stuff.

The Zero Tolerance for Stupid Certificate will be going out to school administrators seemingly bent upon indoctrinating children rather than educating them.

  • A 7 Year-old was charged with “making terroristic threats” for pointing a “finger gun” at another child.
  • A South Philadelphia fifth-grader was searched and scolded in front of her class. She was then interrogated without her parents present.
    She was reported by another student after trying to throw away a folded piece of paper shaped like a gun, given to her by her by her Grandfather. 

    “Why did he threaten my daughter?” her mother asked during an interview with The Daily Mail.“Why did he stand over my daughter and tell her that he should call the cops on her? Why did he try to scare her?”

    She said her daughter has since been suffering from nightmares.

    Do these morons consider for a moment that these incidents will end up in databases and permanent records that can and do follow people throughout their lives. As the facts are continually distilled, condensed and correlated over time, it’s just like our screwed up system to flag these children for no-fly lists, or deny them security clearances, or even jobs and education because of this Cruel and Thoughtless Stupid Stuff.

The “No Good Deed Unpunished” category includes a DC man who may face prosecution for using a gun to save the life of a child under attack by a Pit Bull.

The companion award, “No Bad Deed Unrewarded” ribbon goes to David Gregory, who brandished a so-called high-capacity ammunition magazine on television.

The problem?

It is illegal to possess such an item in the District of Columbia. In addition, and when the network asked the Police Department for permission to do so, it was denied. So Gregory just ignored the law and either brought it himself, had someone it to him. Either of these actions is a crime. The prosecutors decided, however, to look the other way.

Meanwhile, a Gulf War Veteran was persecuted, prosecuted and had to accept a permanent “Firearms Offender” classification when he accidentally brought a few rounds of ammunition (no gun, just a couple of loose rounds) into the District.


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