School Shootings – Stop the Panic

dont-panicWith all respect to victims and families (also victims) of violence everywhere …

During the furor over recent events and the resulting demands for serious action, arming teachers, police in schools and gun confiscation, there is one simple fact that has been overlooked.

A serious airplane crash, killing a Hundred or more does not change the fact that Air Travel is statistically the safest way to travel.

A lone psychopath committing mass murder in a mall, theater or school does not change one other important fact.

The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook doesn’t change the important FACT that American K-12 School Rooms are statistically and historically the safest place your child can be, including at home.

I’m sorry if this FACT is disappointing to the fear mongers, but facts be facts.

This does not mean that these tragedies don’t justify serious study, especially where the Mental Health Arena is concerned, As gruesome and heart breaking as they may be, however, the possibility of being killed or wounded in one of these isolated events is far less than that of taking an automobile trip to the corner convenience store.

The Eggman
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