Why Can’t We Eliminate Corporate Political Donations?


This one should be so obvious that it’s practically a no-brainer.

Capitalism is not the problem, but crony capitalism is. If we can agree that excessive corporate and special interest influence in government is bad, then let’s use the power of We, The People to stop it!

How can a party and/or politician who will expend anywhere from Tens of Millions to almost One Billion Dollars possibly not be influenced by large corporate contributions and special interest lobbyists?

Money has become so important that dollars raised now surpasses poll numbers in media predictions.

The true culprits in this perversion, and the beneficiaries of the billions, however, are not primarily the individual politicians, but the party machines who both churn up the money and deal out the favors that it buys.  Of course, the individual  politicians don’t mind helping themselves to a few million here and there either.

Everyone talks about closing loopholes that benefit the wealthy. It’s time that we closed a few that benefit the wealthy politicians and the money-sucking machines that support them!

LibertyThis is a country of, by and for The People!

Corporations, small businesses, special interest groups and lobbying organizations may consist of people, but the organizations are not people unto themselves. Corporations are created by people, and their rights and responsibilities determined by people — an Incorporation Agreement DOES NOT bestow humanity on a Corporate Identity.

If a ‘company’ or special interest wants to make its political preferences known to the people who comprise it, fine. Those employees will still be allowed to contribute, but  only up to a maximum.

By getting Corporate Money out, most every argument about buying of influence, evil corporations taking over the government and Special Interest groups running the country would go away.
Sure, you could still lobby Washington. But only with ideas, proposals and problems, not Money, Trips to Tahiti or free Golf weekends.

Can we get enough freedom-loving Americans to agree that huge sums of special interest and corporate money and politics don’t mix?

Why can’t we make it happen?

We are The People.

We are the THE People

We not only have a right  to take away their power, we have a duty and obligation as Americans to do so.

And that’s the view from Egg Manor

T. S. Eggleston
aka The Original Eggman

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