More Gun Control Mom … Please!

An open letter from a Virginia resident, to DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Chicago and other localities which deny their citizens and visitors their Constitutionally guaranteed right to self-defense, thanking them for their tough gun-owner control laws.

With such anti-rights localities for neighbors Virginia becomes far less attractive to the bad guys and a much safer place to live.

Citizen Militia

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Welcome to New York?

Dear D.C., Maryland, Chicago, New Jersey and New York City:

Thank you for your tough gun control laws, please keep up the good work!

A short trip to the city has always been enjoyable and helps me get back some perspective on life. I’m comfortable in the subways and know where not to go and when not to go there.

That being said, one thing is different — my heightened situational awareness. Maybe it’s the permanent Police presence at government offices near my client’s or the ‘barely old enough to shave’ kids wearing fatigues and carrying what everybody knows to be unloaded guns at the train station. (This seemed somewhat like Barney Fife asking permission to put his bullet in his gun, but then again, maybe Kent State did teach a few lessons.)

A few of the small, dark neighborhood streets I normally enjoy visiting for great ethnic food felt ominous and uncomfortable. I couldn’t put my finger on the feeling until I analyzed it.

I’m usually dressed for business and look like a typical, law-abiding person, going about their affairs.

Looking like a law-abiding citizen may be great for meetings, sales calls and traffic stops, but on the streets of New York, Chicago, Newark, Maryland and D.C. it’s like wearing a big “PLEASE ROB ME – I’M HELPLESS” sign across your back.

Or perhaps it was the Three middle-aged, Middle Eastern men, Two with backpacks, who boarded the subway unchallenged while one of your cities finest obsessed over a suspicious piece of electronics in my rollabout. It was obviously a digital projector, but an officer (Lt.) had to verify that it was harmless.

Treatment like that can’t help but make a person feel WANTED.

Thanks to my time in your city, I have a sense of how uneasy a criminal must be when looking for prey on my Virginia streets. Every one of the poor things must feel like they could be the next chalk outline. Sort of the helpless way I feel when I’m in your town.

Helping me keep my situational awareness finely honed is yet another positive outcome of my visit.

While in your city I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, not knowing whether the next bunch of rowdy ‘thugged-out looking’ teens are ‘hip’ tourist kids from Des Moines or armed thugs, ready to attack.

All of the above are impressive, but the number one reason I support your tough anti-gunowner stance is because it helps keep me safe when I’m back home.

I always feel a sense of relief and gratitude when I return to Virginia.

It’s well established that criminals fear an armed victim more than the police or arrest and jail. Criminals in Virginia (and other Right to Carry states) are never quite sure if the next passerby will be a victim, or present a swift, effective and deadly defense.

It’s not knowing who the good-guys with guns are that helps keep the violent criminals on the other side of the Potomac river.

In summary, thank you New York, D.C., Jersey, Chicago and Maryland.

You give them power to fearlessly and arrogantly wander among your sheep, culling out prey with disdain for both law and authority.

After all, who is a criminal more likely to hit — a known defenseless victim, or a stranger who may be armed and prepared to resist with deadly force if necessary?

By continuing to keep your most honest and law-abiding subjects disarmed and helpless you are empowering armed criminals, making them feel more welcome there than here.

With such anti-rights localities for neighbors, Virginia becomes far less attractive to the bad guys and a much better and safer place to live.

I have great empathy for your situation and hope that some day all of our rights will be fully restored.

In the interim, however — better you than me!


Steve Eggleston