A De-evolution of Leadership


Leaders lead, tyrants rule and servants serve. When did we lose sight of the distinction?

It starts when they do things for your own good — and ends when you are no longer relevant.

It’s not the Democrats and it’s not the Republicans. It’s what our government has become as a whole.

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Drug Testing for High Level Officials.


Why Shouldn’t High Level Public Servants Prove They are Drug Free? As a condition of employment, almost everyone, from the guys who pick up the trash and deliver the mail, to the folks who read meters and repair the highways must agree to random drug and Alcohol testing. A number of my jobs, and consulting contracts required a full drug screening and an agreement to random testing. Why don’t “We The People,” the employers of every person in government, require the same of those with whom we entrust our lives, liberties and our very existence as … Continue reading

Who Us Is, and Why We Are In Danger!


Imagine a sordid scene with a bubbling cauldron. Swimming in that boiling orgy of hate and animosity you see …

Republicans, Libertarians, Tea partiers, Occupy Wall Streeters, Christians, Jews, Women, illegal iImmigrants, Buddhists, the extreme Right, far Left, the unemployed, Wiccans, Scientologists, flat-Earthers, Bill Maher, The NRA, Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, ACLU, Native Americans, athiests and the entire LGBT community.

But here they are all working together, peacefully, in cooperation for a common cause. WTF?

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Yes, We Do Have a Rat Your Neighbor Law.


During the cold war the Soviet people (subjects) were expected to watch their neighbors, strangers, and even family and friends. and required by law (the KGB) to report suspicious activity to the police. (also KGB)

We Have That Law Here — in America!

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So Who’s Stupid?


Whenever you find yourself in a time of low self-esteem, start thinking that you are fat, ugly or otherwise deformed, take a trip to Wal-Mart and look around.

I guarantee that you will immediately begin to feel better about yourself.

But what do you do when you begin to doubt your intellect?

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Think Twice Before You Throw Scripture at a Homosexual


Simply put, the letter points out a logical flaw in the “homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says so” argument: if homosexuality is wrong because it goes against God’s law as outlined in the Bible, why aren’t any number of activities now viewed as innocuous but once regarded as unacceptable also offenses against God’s law?
How can one part of Leviticus be deemed as etched in stone when other parts have been discarded as archaic?

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The Folly of Ballistic Fingerprinting and Microstamping

The Folly of Ballistic Fingerprinting

A number of States require Ballistic Fingerprinting or Micro-stamping of all new firearms while others are exploring these options.
In theory, when a cartridge casing or bullet is found at a crime scene, this database would be used to locate the gun’s purchaser, and thereby, the perpetrator of the crime.
Like most unworkable ideas, this one sounds logical and practical on the surface, but is based on false assumptions, emotions and “wishful science”. (If it sounds right it must be right.)
In practice, for a number of reasons explained below, ballistic fingerprinting of cartridge casings does not, will not and cannot work.

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The Eggman’s Midterm Political Litmus Test

Litmus Test

Only Two simple questions that I believe every candidate for office should answer before any others.

These answers will help determine whether their candidacy deserves further serious consideration.

Once we have your commitment that you do not place yourself above the people you govern, we can move on to other issues such as immigration, education, security and the economy.

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Strategic Web Design

Flow Charts and Site Maps

Plan Early – Plan Ahead – Plan Smart – Plan Strategically

Unless well integrated into your strategic plan, your Website will be little more than an expensive business card and could possibly harm your mission.

If you work through the questions and forms presented here before you think further about producing or updating your Website, I can guarantee that you will save time and money, possibly a significant amount of both.

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A Few Random Web Design Tips and Reminders


A disturbing number of individuals, small businesses, large corporations and governments are actively impeding business, stifling communication, irritating their customers and turning away prospects. They are doing this with the best of intentions, and often at considerable investment. They don’t know any better — but they have sucky Websites! Don’t be one of ‘them!’ As a broad rule, 70-80% of a Website’s design should be completed BEFORE you sit down at a computer. Usually only about 20-30% of the project is hands-on coding and layout, especially when the site is properly planned. A Few Assorted Design … Continue reading

Disturbing Video Has To Make Any Sane Person Say, “Get Out of Syria!”

Children about to be murdered

If you choose to not watch the video (below) because you might be disturbed by the content, then you are precisely the person who needs to watch it. Once you see the enemy in the face, (or hood) and witness the horror of something that should have been shown, unedited, on every news outlet, you will be motivated to do something. Together, we not only can, but we must. The “Nation” of Islam is using that nations only officially sanctioned faith, the radicalized Muslims, to wage not a holy war, but a political and ideological war … Continue reading

The Oaths of Office

Washington Taking Oath

The history of the Oath for Federal employees can be traced to the Constitution, where Article II includes the specific oath the President takes – to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Article VI requires an oath by all other government officials from all three branches, the military, and the States.
Here are the Oaths of Office for government employees, the President, Congress and more.

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It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s A Very Real Fear

Internment Announcements

It was arguably the darkest, most shameful action taken by the U.S. Government in the 20th Century. I’m referring to the paranoid forced relocation of Japanese-Americans to prison camps during World War II.

Paranoia is a baseless fear. Today, however, there are nearly two million Muslims living among us and little doubt that their loyalties lie with their Nation of Islam, and not our Nation of Liberty.

We will never be free of this threat until our level of commitment to saving our country exceeds the fervor and dedication of the militant Islamic enemy.

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Economic Death by a Thousand Terrorist Cuts


How should we deal with an organized effort to inflict these Million economic cuts, when all it takes to inflict one is a circuit board and battery taped to an empty Propane can, or even a simple paper bag left in an ‘inappropriate’ place?
One plane crash doesn’t change the fact that flying is statistically the safest way to travel.
Likewise, One crazy person, killing Twenty Six people in a school doesn’t change the fact that our primary and secondary schools remain statistically, the safest place for your child to be.

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Writing for The Web and Social Media: Part 1 – The Prime Directive

The Quill Pen

Flawless grammar and perfect punctuation are rarely seen or expected in today’s environment of Instant Messaging, Tweeting, Texting, Blogging, Facebooking and other social media. Credibility is everything, and credibility suffers when ideas are presented in a less than credible manner.

Have you ever been reading a blog post and right up front the writer screwed up a word?

The writer’s point might be strong, and their logic impeccable, but if the Silver lining is wrapped in a dark cloud, many people will never see it.

What I hope to do here is kick-start your thinking — not about your message, but about the way you present it, starting with the “Prime Directive.”

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Web Writing Part 3: Cut the extra words, less really is more.

New Challenges

Where writing for eMedia is concerned, less really is more Documents destined for computer screens follow a slightly different set of rules than those written for print. The traditional 10-20 words per sentence is out the window. According to Jacob Nielsen, you should cut ‘traditional’ text by at least 50% when writing for the screen. Cutting overall length by half makes your writing easier to scan. Commas don’t cost extra, and periods are encouraged. Short sentences, of seven to ten words, are ideal. Your readers will thank you for taking pains to do the absolute least … Continue reading