Thoughts on Getting Paid

Get Paid

For some reason, a greater than average number of my friends, acquaintances, comrades and cohorts in the creative fields have a problem with money.
Specifically, they seem to have problems justifying the value of their services, establishing a fair price and finally, collecting the money when the work is done.

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The Horsepasture Gazette – Vol:1 No:1

Mayor and City Council

All The News That Fits, We Print. The Horsepasture Gazette Volume 1 – Issue 1 PRICE FREE Mayor Won’t Raise Taxes Horsepasture Va In a private conversation with this reporter, Mayor Parker Earnest announced that taxes will remain level, at least through this summer. Stable sugar prices, and an unusually potent batch of liquid assets contribute to the cash flow surplus. Mayor Earnest said, “we was worried when the revinuers blew up Jimmy Cottens manufacturing plant, but Carl and Sarah Canner’s last run tasted out around 180 proof. A few runs like that, and we’ll be … Continue reading

You Bought It – But You Might Not Own It


Though you may have paid for photos, music and/or artwork, you may not have a right to reproduce them. You may not be allowed to use photos even if they are of you! When you contract with a non-employee to have images, sculpture or pictures made of you, your facilities or your product, ask questions beforehand. For example: Who will own the negatives or digital image files and what usage rights will you receive? Professional photographers usually retain the negatives, transparencies or digital files and sell you prints or duplicates. Even when you buy prints or … Continue reading

What Every Webmaster Needs to Know About Copyright Law


This quick guideline does not pretend to be a comprehensive guide, and I don’t pretend to be a lawyer. ( though I occasionally play one on the Internet ) What I hope to do, however, is address some of the more commonly asked questions presented in my seminars and consulting sessions. Before you take a chance you should, of course, check with a real lawyer, preferably one with a specialty in Intellectual Property Law. I Didn’t Know It Was Copyrighted. There Wasn’t a Notice or Anything! The Copyright Notice is Not Necessary But Still a Good … Continue reading

Model Releases for Photography and Web Use


Though often considered unnecessary, you should obtain a signed Model Release before using any Photo including identifiable people. This is especially true for any images that may later have commercial value. Even if the shots appear to have no commercial purpose, if there is any possibility that they may be published in the future, don’t skip the release. As a general rule, images of identifiable people may be used for non-commercial, news, satire or educational purposes. That ‘satire’ purpose, however, can open the publisher up to a myriad of potential legal actions. Though a publisher or … Continue reading

Lemonade Stand Lunacy


City, county and local governments are leaving a big Black mark where they should be getting a Gold star. Hey — Inspector — Leave Those Kids Alone! City zoning, and code enforcement actions taken by various governments against children attempting to get a start down the road to entrepreneurship are at once an abomination and an incredible educational and public relations opportunity. The current practice of shutting down a timeless American tradition, and often a child’s first step toward realizing the American dream, teaches children several important lessons. Life is not fair Adults are arbitrary and … Continue reading

Really Simple Early American History 100 — The Beginnings


As a prerequisite to some forthcoming opinion pieces, I offer an occasional bit of relevant historical information. There won’t be much, only enough to provide some background for the topic at hand, and no more. I’ll try to keep it so simple that even liberals and recent public school indoctrinates can grasp it. Once upon a time, in a place far far away, a marginally competent explorer named Christopher Columbus thought he could sail directly from Spain to Asia. While he should be commended for having faith that he wouldn’t sail off the edge of the … Continue reading

Senator Fred Harris’ Campaign – The Story Behind the Photo


Back in the day, (1976) when campaign finances could never approach One Billion dollars, Senator Fred Harris and several other candidates endeavored to run their campaigns on the figurative shoestring. Like Sen. Harris, however, these innovative cheapskate’s campaigns were also exceedingly brief. The Photograph The Story In addition to back yard Bar-B-Que’s, impromptu lawn parties and other very informal events, staged to raise money, Senator Harris had a particularly creative plan to save money on the campaign trail. If an individual provided room and board to the Senator and/or his staff while they were on the … Continue reading